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Decision Sudbury: Our future may well be determined by the KED

Despite considerable opposition Sudbury City Council approved on July 14th 2021 development of the Kingsway Entertainment District (KED) which would include a new arena to be located at considerable expense on unserviced land next to the city landfill site, several kilometers from the downtown and the present arena. Also the KED could include a casino and hotel (not confirmed). The council has been almost equally split with decisions on the development over several meetings at 7 to 6 in favour.

At City Council meetings earlier this year Councillors were assured that due to new information available a special meeting would be held to have all this information presented and all factors considered so that Council would have assurance that the right decision was being made.

However, this did not take place to the disappointment of several Councillors and the simple majority of Council continued to support the project. As a result the Minnow Lake Restoration Group, a not-for profit environmental organization* retained a legal firm to appeal the decision due to to a number of legal factors which can be reviewed in the court document by clicking here plus other information on the subject including media stories plus other relevant material. The purpose of the appeal is to have the Mayor and senior staff provide and allow all information on the matter that was "promised" and requested to take place to be revealed in an open council meeting so that the public can also be informed.

Your support requested:

This will likely be the last chance to have this decision considered which many feel based on public comments in the media and petition documents (with over 3,000 signatures) is the wrong choice for a variety of reasons that would negatively effect our community for decades to come.

The cost of the legal action which it is felt has a good chance of success is nevertheless expensive and why we are asking for any contribution you can make to support this effort. As a charity you can contribute to our effort to have Sudbury City Council consider all the evidence related to the Kingsway Entertainment District (KED). Your contribution is confidential and you also receive a tax receipt.

To help finance this appeal you can make a direct e-deposit to or if you wish to contribute by cheque you can make the cheque out to "The Minnow Lake Restoration Group" and mail to MLRG 1439 Bancroft Drive Sudbury ON P3B-1R6 and you will be sent a contribution charity receipt for all donations over $10.00.  This appeal could cost between an estimated 20 to 30 thousand dollars. All donations are welcome - Please inform all those you know who are concerned.  Thanks for your help - the future of our city depends upon it.

*The Minnow Lake Restoration Group is an incorporated not for profit registered charity. It's mandate is to foster understanding and initiatives for environmental protection, habitat conservation, adaptive reuse and recycling and community recreational facilities.

Minnow Lake,

Greater Sudbury, Canada 

 Welcome to the Minnow Lake community in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Visit us in any season. Click buttons in the sidebar or click here to go to page with links to more initiatives or click link here for brief minnow lake history public presentation and here for our latest newsletter on watershed concerns and other topics.



Kids and adults on annual Thanksgiving walk in the Oak Forest Lookout Park in Minnow Lake - each year on Thanksgiving day weather permitting from Minnow Lake Place - 1.00 p.m. for the approx. one hour hike.  Due to the pandemic there was no guided Oak Forest Hike last year (2020). However, this fall (2021) Dr Peter Beckett of VETAC guided a group respecting all pandemic restrictions.  You are also invited to "do" the hike yourself which has been popular for many years and also to visit Blueberry Hill - a video of both hikes taken a number of years past that can be viewed below and also trail maps are at both locations.  Other hike videos are shown further down this page.


 Another hike up Blueberry Hill (behind Carmichael Arena takes place the first Monday of the Blueberry Festival the third week of July each year.  For other activities and meeting news etc. click here.

Opening of the first on-street bike lanes in Sudbury in 2005 with city Councillors Gasparini and Reynolds.  This route on Howey, Bellevue and Bancroft has proven to be very popular and has had the added benefit of providing a degree of traffic calming in the area.  We are pleased to see in recent years that similar routes have been created throughout the city. For more information go to special section of website by clicking  here.

Check out these videos showing both Blueberry Hill and the Oak Forest walking trails and history


The Minnow Lake area has been developed over many years - some of the early work and proposals for the future are featured in the video below:


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