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 Minnow Lake has several commercial centers.  The corner of Bancroft Drive and Bellevue avenue is actually the heart of what was originally know as the Minnow Lake Village. Vehicles approaching this intersection from the north (the right of the photo) traveling on Bancroft Drive can turn right onto Bellevue Avenue and continue through on Howey Drive to downtown  Sudbury. This intersection has a number of businesses, including a pharmacy.  By turning left they will continue on Bancroft Drive through to Second Ave and another pharmacy and Credit Union.  Along the Kingsway, the upper limits of the Minnow Lake area there are a number of car dealerships, restaurants etc. On the northernmost limits on Minnow Lake, on the south side of the Kingsway between Bancroft Drive and Second Ave. is the largest selection of "big box" stores in Northern Ontario including Costco, Home Depot, Chapters and Staples, Lowe's etc. Minnow Lake is also home of the Silver City Multiplex. There are a number of convenience stores throughout the Minnow Lake area to serve the approx. 20,000 people that make Minnow Lake their home.

Almost every time of commercial endeavour and business and personal service can be found in Minnow Lake.


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