Minnow Lake Court Challenge - Kingsway Entertainment District


It could be described as a "David and Goliath event with
"Minnow" taking on the City of Greater Sudbury "Big Fish"

Copy of the "application" - Court Documents can be accessed by clicking here There are 60 pages of transcript from City Council meetings

Local News Stories can be accessed though links below:


City proceeds at potential peril Oct 9th 2021.pdf

Anti-KED Group says City continues to Hide Information

As a charity you can contribute to this endevour and receive a tax receipt:  E-deposits can be sent to info.minnnowlake@gmail.com.  If you wish to contribute by cheque you can do so by making the cheque out to "The Minnow Lake Restoration Group" and mail to MLRG 1439 Bancroft Drive Sudbury ON P3B-1R6. In both cases you will be sent a contribution charity receipt.

A recent on-line and paper survey revealed that 3000 plus citizens oppose the KED with a survey in support only acquired less than 500.

This could be the last chance to stop this project which has generated so much controversy best described by a recent letter below:

Greater Sudbury has bigger priorities than the KED Over the past four years, your readers have written eloquently about the many compelling reasons why the Kingsway Entertainment District is a bad idea for Sudbury and I emphatically agree. Related news stories in the past three months make city council's approval of this project even more troubling. This summer I watched a rather puzzling council meeting in which PricewaterhouseCoopers presented a report that did nothing to answer the questions or address the concerns of some councillors, and those councillors were given no opportunity to get clarification. Even PWC expressed a lack of confidence in its own report. Then I read that Coun. Gerry Montpellier had contacts with representatives of two of the KED developers prior to the vote in June 2017 that led to the approval of the KED project. He was told in those calls that his motorsports park would benefit from the development of the KED. This is the main reason why Mr. Montpellier abstained from casting his vote at that time. Council has now asked Greater Sudbury Police to investigate this allegation of possible bribery. Ever since the 2017 approval of the KED, Robert Kirwan has used bullying tactics to denigrate or to silence anyone who disagrees with him. Now we have learned his tactics include deception, as his wife has been posting messages of support for the project under an assumed name on his Facebook page. For the second time in as many years, our integrity commissioner, Robert Swayze, has recommended a reprimand of Kirwan for his behaviour, which clearly violates the council's code of conduct. Not only is the KED a flawed project, but the very process by which it has been approved and promoted does not pass the sniff test. The people of the City of Greater Sudbury are experiencing unprecedented social and economic challenges. It is time to abandon this divisive project. We need to address the needs of the entire community instead of the wants of a few. Sally Lesk Sudbury

A tale of two cities – which one is the most responsible?

Sudbury:  build a new $114 arena (PwC latest estimate) outside the city core – no plans for existing building.

Hamilton: Renovate existing downtown arena including “a new exterior façade, videoboard, comprehensive transformation of the lower level, expanded concourse level and a new flexible curtaining system for the upper bowl balcony” – cost $50 million.


The Hamilton proposal seems very much like the "Project Now" consideration for the Sudbury Arena for $70 million which council has voted not to consider on several occasions – Why?  Time to reconsider? This is the purpose of this court action which you can help proceed by donation to the cause .. this could be the very last chance to stop this costly endeavor with little benefit and potentially much harm. 



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